With the eyes of fishermen

"Marine Environment, Coastal Threats and Fisheries"

The documentary was realized as part of the project with the aim of highlighting the problems faced by the fishing community due to the environmental crisis.


"Marine Environment, Coastal Threats and Fisheries"


The European Union is the largest importer of fish, and 50% comes from developing countries. Per capita consumption of fish worldwide reaches 20 kg, while 90% of fish stocks are threatened by overfishing.


According to a university study, humanity has produced a total of 9.1 billion tons of plastic from 1950 to today. Most of this amount still remains in the environment (landfills/ecosystems) while only 9% has been recycled.


In Greece, according to recent scientific research, erosion is observed on at least 28% of the coasts. The coastline recedes every year, so for every meter of beach we lose over 1 square meter of coastal zone per year.


Almost one tenth of the territory of the European Union, and to be precise 8% of the area or about 140 million hectares, is vulnerable to gradual desertification, and especially in areas belonging to Southern, Eastern and Central Europe.

The inter-regional cooperation project "Marine Environment, Coastal Threats and Fisheries" is implemented in the context of Priority 4 "Increasing employment and territorial cohesion" of the EP. "Fisheries and the Sea" (EPALTH) 2014-2020

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"Marine Environment, Coastal Threats and Fisheries"

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